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Apr 19, 2013 12:00am PDT
powerful part of the film. sitting through the film with an audience, i know what it felt like. ms. obama talked about when we had a screening at the white house. excruciating that scene was, and how she wanted young people , ande how far we have come to realize that we are not there yet. and i think it is more than just racial discrimination. discrimination of all kinds, religious, ethnic. i think we need to do a better job. tavis: i know given your stature, there are presidents who wanted to meet you, but i am curious as to whether or not this represent a moment for you to be in the white house with a black first family, with the big screen movie with this subject matter. >> i am so over thinking of him as a black president. i think of him as our president, wrestling with so many daunting issues and problems. i was delighted to be there. one of the things that was robinson was that mrs. was there with a number of jackie robinson scholarship recipients from across the country, young kids who were brought to washington. they saw a screening of the film that morning and were hosted by mrs.
Apr 16, 2013 6:30pm PDT
orleans. the nfl spent $6 million on security for the super bowl and obama's inauguration came with a $124 million security price tag and there's no guarantee that it will always work. >> my sense is, for something like this, you could not possibly have frisked everybody in boston before the marathon or looked in every trash can everywhere. no matter what security officials do, life and the parade will go on. for "nightly business report." >> and that's it for us, "nightly business report" thanks so much. have a great evening, everybody. we will see you tomorrow.
Apr 17, 2013 6:30pm PDT
et cetera to keep your maturity short. >> i want to squeeze in a tax question. we hear that the obama administration may want to put a cap on the tax exemption. is that another reason to clean up your portfolio now rather than wait? >> well, i don't know that it's another reason to clean up your portfolio, but it's certainly something to keep on the radar screen. you know, obviously, with everything that's going on in washington, everything is on the table. and with each one that comes out, there's a proposal that there would be a 28% cap on deductions so no one would be lower than the 28% tax bracket. that means you couldn't have all tax-free income that would put you in no tax bracket. in essence, that would be a tax on municipal bonds. mayors and governors are fighting this very, very aggressively. and each time they seem to get it out of the budget proposal and then a new budget proposal comes out and it's back in. i do believe that ultimately, state and local governments will be success chl in arguing that this will drive the economy right back into the recession and actually won
Apr 23, 2013 12:00am PDT
the trouble he got into during the obama campaign when fox news took that comment and didn't let it in a kenyan context, in a context.n a kingian you are right that it is kingi an to the core. the reason i raise it is because i have raised this issue before on this program and elsewhere. as we move toward the 50th anniversary later this summer -- we have 50 years now since the letter from a birmingham jail. care to guess which will get most exposure? why is it that we don't want to wrestle with this side of king, but we will revel in that "i have a dream" prose year in and year out, but not wrestle with the rest of who he was and is? >> let me back up one second and say that one of the things i tried to show in "gospel of see -- oncentz you you see the exceptional nation i have a dream that america went it would be a land where my children can be judged by the content of their character. what is he saying? that country doesn't exist now. the prophetic denunciation is there now very 100 years after the emancipation proclamation -- the second part is just as tough if you look at it
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4